About OneBlue

What is OneBlue?

OneBlue is a pure solution and is manufactured as per standard guidelines given by American Petroleum Institute (API) and ISO 22241. We independently manufacture OneBlue using standard raw materials which are thoroughly processed under strict quality control measures that undergo various laboratory tests to cover all parameters of ISO 22241.  Later thorough inspection is carried out using a special armamentarium. The products are also supplied in different packaging sizes to meet market demand.

In automobile industry BS4 has become obligatory since 2016. All commercial vehicle manufacturers such as TATA Motors, Bharat Benz, Mahindra, Ashok Leyland, and many more have started adopting SCR technology for their respective vehicles.
Similarly, OneBlue is the name of our product which is technically known as DEF/ AUS32/ Liquid urea. 

How does it work?

OneBlue is one of the key elements of the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system process used in diesel engines. It is injected into a hot exhaust pipe as a fine mist and it passes over the catalyst which helps to reduce NOx emission into Nitrogen gas and water vapor. This process helps in reducing air pollution.

   Technical specifications of OneBlue:

Sizes20 litre | 35 litre | 200 litre | 1000 litre
Ingredient32.5% high purity technical grade urea, 67.5% third stage DI water
Storage18 months (≤ 29ºC)
DI Water & Method3rd Stage DI Water with Ultrafiltration RO Method
StandardISO 22241

Advantages of OneBlue

  • Protects SCR system.
  • Increase fuel efficiency.
  • Smooth in working.
  • Reduces NOx particles in fuel emissions.
  • Helps to meet emission standards.
  • The cost of operation and handling is minimum.
  • Does not pollute air and soil.
  • Eco-friendly.